Sevelin Cosmetics

Welcome to the Makeup Department! Designed and created  by international makeup artist L.Duane Sevelin, celebrity artist. Makeup may contain SPF 15.

Protect and beautify at the same time! Here at the sevelin Makeup Department we will pair your needs with our know-how.

Sevelash mascara with the “Big Brush” applicator,  adds volume and separates lashes.

Sevelips, classic lipstick, lip goo, and Vitamins E stick contain luxurious, pure Vitamins E in a stick form. Heals, protects and moisturize. Some contain  grape seed, jojoba oil and avocado oil. You can feel the healing powers as we speak!!

Sevelinerflair pen eyeliners. Talk about drama.. From the bold 60’s look to an all out “blackout”. My pens are awesome.

All products have been used and/ or tested in the studio & on location.

I have streamlined my whole cosmetics line bringing you the best of the best. The Makeup department will be happy to recommend multitude of from the Sevelin Cosmetics. Please check out my full range of beauty products. If you have a lipcolor, that you just can’t find anymore, lets us know and we will find one or make one and maybe put your name one it ..thanks

photographers : Mani H. Zonoozi & Vaughn Luciano

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