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 Sevelin Timeline meet makeup artist L.Duane Sevelin

The Sevelin Timeline. Meet makeup artist L.Duane Sevelin. Check out behind the scenes! (while on duty) (lol). Covers of Soap Stars  Magazines from the good old days! When the soaps really sizzled. Super models. Advertising campaigns.  Exotic locations and other fun stuff. You may also find the “Winners of the Sevelin Celebrity Makeover Certificates.. Raffle winners from charitable contributions can also be on the sevelin timeline. ! Sevelin is proud to support many issues concerning women. Giving products & makeovers from to time helps great organization here in Austin and wherever I can be of service.

40 years in the making. Welcome to the timeline.

Dress for Success Austin. is also cool.They help clients of domestic violence and other issues to get them back in the work force.They have a facility for clients to freely pick a dress, shoes & makeup/ hair for those in need. To look your very best.On that job interview or to motivate yourself to your destiny.

We also backed up the Zeta Tau Alpha at the Kendra Scott fashion show gala for the new Seton Breast Cancer Center here in Austin.We actually had survivors doing the “catwalk”. They had such a great time.

Please check out the testimonials and accolades.Thank you.It means a lot and thank you for your support with any of the noted charitable organizations.

My trips to Hong Kong and the Far East. That’s Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan,  including Australia! What a great time!1980. Only arriving in the late 70’s, I was headed for corporate cosmetics in the big city.The world was so different and still somewhat wild . One on of my shows we went to the volcano in Bandung, Indonesia. We climbed to the top and had a look.You could see the sulfuric acid clouds churning with hot mud lava.

Another took me to Bangkok. I was ask to offered my talent as makeup artist for the Queen Mother of Thailand Charity Ball, where of course I said yes. Not knowing that all who gave their time  received an audience with HSH Princess Grace of Monaco. As you can see in the photo Princess Grace and I really made a direct smile at each other. What only a very few know. I am hold my arm beside me because I have 30 colors of lipstick up my whole arm. She looked and just smiled the biggest smile. Plus you can see I had hair too. That I must say was one of the most incredible moments in my young career and possibly still today.

Returning to the City, I started doing tons of catalog. Most artists want to be in all the magazines and do the shows. Don’t get me wrong “me too” and I did some cool ones. However, Lauder and Revlon taught me ” the business’. So I chose the catalogs, advertising, cable and even industrials & pharmaceuticals.

I went where the money was. I worked all day for Vogue one time for $75.00. Which was normal.Too bad the but my credit on the pages that barely showed any makeup. My first credits in Vogue Magazine and you couldn’t see my makeup. (LOL That’s ok . I am still around.)Working catalogue, like for Macy’s or Bon Witts at the time paid $1500.00. Boy we worked hard though. Chelsea Photographic’s in the photo district was another source of income for models and artist on the scene.

They had Penny’s, Hills, Speigel and many others. Angie L. , an icon in the business, hired me without a portfolio. I remember her saying, “if you’re good enough for International Revlon, you’re good enough for me “. Our friendship would hold to this day. Although she is retired, we still talk. I mean Angie Everheart, Kathy Ireland, Jill Goodacre, Rosie Vela and Katie Holmes were some of my first faces. Who would have known they would become such incredible celebrities and business women. Needless to say I was one of the highest paid unknown makeup artist in the business! In the 80’s and mid 90’s. At one time I was making $8000 a week doing look books , catalogue and advertising .

I started working with Warhol for Interview when it was this huge pager magazine . I worked the inside back cover and some features, for free I might add.We all did back then. But that was prime real estate for an up coming artist and working with Christopher Makos, was an incredible credit to the sevelin client list. But Christopher,  Andy’s protege’ was also an incredible artist in his own right. Even though we were all working out of out apts. He was really cool and offered something to drink. Now known as The Hilton Brothers. They do cool stuff. I remember going to 54 one night and Andy  was sitting in a chair at the door. He pointed & motioned me to come over to him. I of course did as Andy asked. I was only like 24? maybe. Anyway he patted his lap and pointed down for me to have a sit ..on his lap. I remember being so embarrassed , probably for the first time ha ha ..I know some of you were going to say that. He pat me right on the butt.Anyway I do have several photos in the Warhol museum in Pittsburg from Interview , somewhere lol!

Shortly, I decided to check out Milan. I didn’t know Italian or really anyone for that matter. Everyone says go to Milan to get started in the “business” and most were right. Today, Milan is a still a major fashion hub. However after a few months and some Italian lessons I was shooting with major designers, supermodels and the like. It was awesome to do some of Linda’s first covers with Coveri. Janice Dickenson for Valentino. So many to try to remember on the spot.

Brides. All the Brides. One September,  I had 78 pages in SposaBella. Once I learned hair from some great Italian hair artist s I was doing both.I was speaking fairly good Italian and having the best of times again.

Heading to Isreal, going to the Dead Sea for the Dead Sea Conference with Amica Magazine was stunning.We went to back near Jordan near the salt mines. Nothing but mounds of salt and sand and us.Next to the very shallow, most dense of water. And the border patrol watching us from afar.

So please check the sevelin timeline from “time to time” and see what’s doin’ XX